Sep. 29th, 2005

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This is a sequel to Taste (and I highly recommend you (re)read that fic before starting this one). I did not originally intend for that fic to have a sequel, but it was suggested, and the second two-thirds of Season 8 provided ample opportunity for me to skew the universe to my own interpretation. Then I spent most of the summer hating what I'd written so far, then finally finished it, then sat on it for a few more weeks because I have sequel issues. But my sister convinced me to post this, so here it is.

Title: Of Reality (I'm so clever like that)
Rating: R. Very much R. For the sex0rz, naturally, plus language.
Pairing: Sam/Daniel, with a side of Sam/Pete and Daniel/Vala. Also, Jack.
Spoilers: The entirety of S8 (minus "Moebius," because it makes my head hurt), as well as spoilers for where the characters will be at the beginning of S9.
Disclaimer: As usual, they do not belong to me. Nor does this interpretation of events, really - that one goes to all of us S/D shippers. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt - it's a fun river. My delusions are more fun than your delusions. :-P
Summary: In what reality, for instance, would he be standing next to the woman with whom he was having earth-moving, mind-blowing sex, arm around her shoulders, as they listened to marriage plans – and not be engaged to her himself? Sequel to Taste.

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